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What Is Human Growth Hormone?

For those of you who have heard about HGH, I want to set the record straight. For full disclosure, I make zero money from prescribing HGH and have zero financial interest in others using it. In my expert opinion, both prescribing and using HGH for over ten years, HGH is nothing short of the closest you can get to a Fountain of Youth. HGH is super high when you are under 20 and starts a steady decline. HGH is the reason a high school athlete can get injured one week and start the next week, while a 35 year old would be out for six months.
One week after starting testosterone and HGH in 2006, I woke after after 8 hours sleep on a Saturday morning. As I sat on the side of my bed, I realized I felt exactly the same as when I woke up at my parents house when I was a teenager. I was 44 and had not felt like that in at least 25 years. It was shocking. I actually said, “Wow! I remember what this felt like.”

Two weeks later, we went skiing at the same place with the same families as we had for 6 years. All conditions were the same, except for testosterone and HGH. The prior years I worked out with a personal trainer for two months before the trip. That year I didn’t and I forgot my celebrex. Every year, I had aches and pains and my thighs burned after a long run. I thought I was going to get killed. Instead, there were zero aches and pains and zero thigh burning. That week, each of the dads pulled me aside to ask “What the Hell is going on with you?” One dad said it best: “You are cutting it up like a teenager. Hell, the teenagers can’t keep up with you.” I knew I was doing better and it was great the burning was gone. What was crazy was I was as coordinated as when I was a teenager again. I had assumed I was less coordinated because I weighed 25 pounds more than when I was a teenager.

I wanted to test what HGH and testosterone would do, I ate whatever I wanted and did not work out. At one year, from scans done a year apart, I lost 13 pounds of fat and gained 12 pounds of muscle from fixing my hormones alone.

I took HGH daily for 4 years and off and on for 2 more. In 2012 and 2013, I used HGH daily, ate correctly and worked out 4 times a week. I built a great deal of muscle and lost fat. I went from 19% body fat to 9% in six weeks. There is nothing as good as HGH for assisting in burning fat off your body. In 2013, I was in the absolute best shape of my adult life. Due to Obamacare and having two boys in college and the price of HGH going up 50% overnight, I stopped again in 2014. The decline I have seen in the past 2-3 years is ridiculous.

I recently spent two full days reading the latest research on HGH. There are many studies showing the positive effects of HGH on heart disease, brain problems, joints and muscles and most every other body decline issue. One study was on the victim of a plane crash, one year out. He was in a wheelchair, had limited use of his limbs, couldn’t talk or swallow well and a CT scan showed massive injuries to his Right brain, significant injury to his Left brain. After three years on high dose HGH and physical therapy, he was virtually normal again.

HGH is expensive. Only people with expendable income can afford it. I used to pay $800/month through the leading clinic in the US. They sell it to you with a huge markup. I have found a much cheaper pharmacy locally. I have prescribed HGH for several patients. It is costing $300-500/month. I still have one son in college and one about to start. I am restarting HGH, cutting back elsewhere because it is definitely worth it.

Any possible negative effects from HGH have been ruled out. The leading clinic in the world has been prescribing it for over twenty years. There is no evidence of cancer or tumor growth. They have tens of thousands of patients. If there was a problem, we would know it. Look at 70 year old Sylvester Stallone and his ripping muscles, still going full steam. He has been taking HGH for decades. I’m going Sylvester, why don’t you come with me? Just a little info to chew on.

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