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Myths and Facts About Hormone Replacement Therapy That Every Woman Should Know

Myths and Facts About Hormone Replacement Therapy That Every Woman Should Know

If you’re struggling with symptoms or conditions related to hormonal imbalances, you may have wondered if hormone replacement therapy can help. But with all of the myths circulating about the safety and efficacy of this treatment, you might wonder if it’s right for you. 

At The Riegel Center in Plano, Texas, board-certified physician Dr. Christopher J. Riegel specializes in helping women of all ages find relief from the life-changing symptoms of hormone imbalance. Dr. Riegel uses his own proprietary bioidentical hormone formulas and customizes them for every patient. 

Here he shares some of the common myths and facts about hormone replacement therapy so you can decide if it might be the right option for you. 

MYTH: Hormone replacement therapy isn’t safe

FACT: No research study has ever shown hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) isn’t safe.

This myth regarding traditional HRT exists because one analysis indicated an increased risk for cancer and heart disease. However, medical researchers question this link between HRT and these medical conditions, as the participants were in poor health before beginning HRT. 

At The Riegel Center, the bioidentical hormones Dr. Riegel uses are synthesized from plant sources. These plant-based hormones mimic the structure of natural human hormones, making them “bioidentical” to your own and easier to tolerate.  

MYTH: It’s healthier to struggle through imbalances

FACT: Untreated hormone imbalances can be harmful to your overall health and well-being.

There’s no reason to suffer through the terrible effects imbalanced hormones can have as hormone replacement therapy can restore your overall wellness. In fact, untreated hormonal imbalances can cause severe symptoms and contribute to serious conditions, including:

Dr. Riegel evaluates your current hormone levels with blood tests, then uses the results to create a personalized treatment plan using bioidentical hormones to balance your body. 

MYTH: All hormone replacement therapy is the same

FACT: Depending on your needs, the dosage or components of your hormone therapy should be adjusted accordingly.

Dr. Riegel evaluates your response to hormone replacement therapy to make sure it’s providing the benefits you’d hoped for. He also checks your physical health to verify you’re responding well to the treatment.

When your hormone replacement treatment is working as it should, you’ll experience noticeable and obvious benefits, such as:

You may also notice it’s easier to lose weight and that you feel years younger compared to how you felt before starting hormone replacement therapy.  

MYTH: You must be a certain age for hormone replacement therapy

FACT: Younger women with hormonal imbalances can benefit from HRT. 

Hormone replacement therapy is a wonderful option for younger women who go through early menopause or have had a hysterectomy. It’s also a good therapy for women of all ages who have insufficient estrogen, increasing their risk of osteoporosis or heart disease. In these cases, hormone therapy helps replace the hormones your body should normally make. 

MYTH: Bioidentical hormone therapy isn’t legitimate 

FACT: Many types of BHRT are FDA-approved, and all BHRT powders available at compounding laboratories come from approved pharmaceutical laboratories.

Unlike traditional hormone replacement therapy, the BHRT dosage is based on your individual biology, not a one-size-fits-all prescription. And BHRT offers many benefits over other treatments, like prescription drugs. 

This is because when it comes to managing hormone imbalances, Dr. Riegel uses science to restore the underlying imbalance and conditions that cause your symptoms instead of masking them with medications. 

To learn more about hormone replacement therapy and whether it’s the right treatment for you, contact The Riegel Center in Plano, Texas, by calling 972-525-5959, text us at 434-325-5692, or request an appointment online now. 

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