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Human Growth Hormone Results By Dr. Riegel

My trek through the world of finding ways to age healthy and share those with my patients has had a few twists and turns. I was on Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) from 2006 to 2014, when the FDA made HGH very difficult to get. Despite all adults having muscle wasting after thirty, the only adult condition treatable with HGH courtesy of the FDA is “HIV positive gay males with muscle wasting.” How’s that for in your face political correctness? But you can get it with a prescription and diagnosis of adult HGH deficiency. The problem was with professional athletes using it for performance enhancing. Most pharmacies stopped carrying HGH due to not wanting the full force of the federal government on them. I had a ridiculous decline in my physical condition in those three years! Trust me. I decided the answer was to restart HGH, despite the expense. Having high levels of HGH is the fountain of youth.

I spent several days researching the new investigations of HGH on the NIH website PubMed. I found many scientific journal articles about HGH being used for regenerative purposes for fibromyalgia, after plane wrecks and heart attacks. HGH is a miracle and all the research is pointing that way. It’s the reason a high school athlete can get hurt one Friday night, be on crutches over the weekend and start the next Friday. Basically, HGH makes your body’s tissues young again. Hormones fool your body into thinking it’s young. I have never felt as good as an adult and had the results from exercise as I did when I was on Testosterone and HGH.

Certain centers kept prescribing HGH through their own pharmacies. Those places sell the HGH for 2-3X what they pay for it. I recently found a new pharmacy in the Dallas area that carries HGH. They also carry a less expensive drug which stimulates your body to make it’s own HGH. I heard about the Semorelin/GHRP-2 combination for a few years. Some of my patients swear by it. It’s also about half as expensive as HGH.

When you are a kid, all your hormones are full tilt. That’s what makes a seventeen year old nearly bullet-proof, high hormones. I felt like I was seventeen again, a week after starting Testosterone and HGH in 2006. My sleep was great with vivid dreams, I had energy, my coordination was back, I had zero aches and pains and fat fell off my body. I know what I was like before, during and the fall I had after HGH was not available. I went to pick up my new prescription of HGH. I had a discussion with the pharmacist about the Semorelin/GHRP-2 and decided to give that a try. I would rather make my own HGH, if possible. He told me not to expect much for a month, then the effects would be the same as HGH.

Two weeks ago, I started the nightly injections. Your body makes it’s own HGH when you sleep. You take HGH in the morning after your body has made all it can. Semorelin/GHRP-2 is the opposite, it pushes your body to make it’s own HGH when you sleep, so you take it at night. After ten days, I felt a difference. I slept 7-8 hours straight without waking up and had dreams again. When I woke up, I had zero aches and pains. It took a little longer to get up and running, but the effects are the same. I have more energy and it’s easier to do everything. I feel different. It’s not just me. One of my male patients told me “I feel so much better. There’s no comparison. I will never be off again.” He was on HGH before and had to stop when it was not available. I will retest my HGH levels at one month and compare them to my levels while taking HGH. I don’t have the answer yet, but I know how I feel.

From my own experiences, I can tell you the sex hormones Estradiol and Testosterone are 80-85% of the equation of aging healthy. Without them you are nowhere. HGH is the magical icing on the cake, whipped cream and cherry on top, 15-20% of the equation! Like my patient, I will never be off again.

-Dr. Riegel

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