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How Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Can Help Men

Testosterone in men is the hormone needed for male sexual development and reproductive function. In addition to building muscle mass and maintaining healthy bone density levels. When men hit their 40s, their testosterone levels begin to decrease, and it usually drops a little bit each year after that.

Andropause and Low T

Women experience hormone level declines when they go through menopause. This experience for men is known as andropause, or low T (and some call it “man-opause”). The difference for men is their hormone changes aren’t as sudden as a woman’s decline during menopause. Men usually experience lower dips in their energy levels and stamina than women. Low testosterone levels can also be attributed to the synthetic chemicals and environmental toxins that are found in our plastics, modified foods, pesticides, and pollutants. This may be one reason that some men are now beginning to experience low T in their 30s.

Symptoms of Low T

Subtle effects of low T can show up as simply poor motivation or gradual weight gain – but can be more extreme in the form of anxiety, profound depression, and/or loss of sex drive.

Symptoms of low testosterone in men related to aging include:

Additionally, testosterone can be an indicator of your heart health with low levels being linked to an increased risk of dying from heart disease in men. Healthier heart profiles generally include ideal levels of testosterone. Low testosterone can also be a risk marker for diabetes and osteoporosis.

Low T and Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Men with unnaturally low levels of testosterone can benefit from bioidentical hormone therapy. Restoring testosterone to the optimum level will energize you and bring back the strength and vigor to protect against health risks. Decreased body fat, better cognitive function and memory, increased libido, and increase in muscle strength are benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy for men.

Benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy for men:

Bioidentical hormones are hormones made from 100 percent natural materials such as soy and yams. They have an identical molecular structure to the hormones that your body produces, making them safe and indistinguishable from your real hormones. This natural and holistic approach to hormone replacement therapy is something that men and women can both benefit from.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is also beneficial for men experiencing effects of low testosterone. DHEA and HGH (human grown hormone) levels can also be checked and balanced with bioidentical hormone therapy. Men who start with hormone therapy at The Riegel Center have reported an increase libido and muscle growth, improved sleep patterns, an increase in the capacity to exercise, and improved mood and energy levels.

Wondering if you can benefit from bioidentical hormone therapy? Take our Hormone Balance Quiz to find out if you are a candidate for bioidentical hormone therapy.

The Riegel Center focuses on therapies for women and men with symptoms of age-related hormonal changes such as a low libido. The Riegel Center offers customized therapies in all 50 states that are developed and available only through Dr. Riegel.

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