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Have a Low Libido? We Can Help

Have a Low Libido? We Can Help

It’s completely normal to have ebbs and flows with your interest in sex. However, if you start to feel the ebbs are more common than the flows, it’s time to talk to an expert.

Low libido — or low sex drive — is incredibly common. In fact, up to 1 in 5 men (or those assigned male at birth) live with this issue, and it impacts even more women (or people assigned female at birth). Unfortunately, it’s also an embarrassing and frustrating issue that can keep people from finding solutions to this very treatable problem.

At The Riegel Center in Plano, Texas, Dr. Christopher Riegel looks at the root cause of your low sex drive before treating it. As a renowned hormone specialist, Dr. Riegel knows sex drive can decrease over time because of changes in hormone levels. But he also understands there are many other causes of low libido as well. 

In this article, Dr. Riegel addresses possible causes and potential solutions for low libido.

Low libido basics

Does it surprise you to learn that the leading cause of low sex drive is stress? That’s right — and it’s hard to avoid stress in today’s day and age. Whether instigated by home life, work, or relationships, learning stress management techniques can significantly improve your sex drive.

Additional causes of low libido include:

It’s also no secret that children who require your attention all day long can also zap your energy, making sex the last thing on your mind. 

So, the key to treating low libido involves determining what’s behind your symptoms. 

Finding solutions for a low libido

Your initial consultation with Dr. Riegel starts with a conversation about your lifestyle, symptoms, and overall health. That’s because he doesn’t treat symptoms alone. Instead, Dr. Riegel focuses on the source of your libido challenges so you can find lasting solutions.

To start, you can often significantly improve your sex drive by making specific lifestyle changes. These healthy choices can lead to overall better health, and that can include boosting your libido.

For instance, you can improve your mental health by taking these steps:

On top of good mental health, nutrition also significantly influences your libido. Plus, a nutrient-rich diet promotes good circulation and a healthy heart. 

To get the most out of the foods you eat, add vegetables and lean proteins to your diet and eliminate as much sugar as possible. When you make a well-balanced diet a priority in your life, it can improve your heart, metabolism, and hormone levels.

During your consultation, Dr. Riegel also asks about any medications and runs blood tests to look for underlying medical issues, like hormone imbalances. If he finds any, he can determine the best steps forward, including proprietary bioidentical hormone replacement therapy blends for both women and men.

You can rest easy knowing that Dr. Riegel can create a personalized plan to get things back on track so you can experience a healthy sex life again. 

Do you have a low libido? Dr. Reigel has solutions. Contact The Riegel Center in Plano, Texas, by calling 972-382-5414 to schedule a consultation today. 

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